About us

About us

Priority One Logistics & Services is a Global Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Procurement and Supply Service providing Company managed by a team of professionals who are Experienced, Dedicated, Knowledgeable and Sincere to respond promptly to customer demands. We offer professional and personalized services, guidance in all categories of Logistics trade.


To establish ourselves as leaders in Iraq region and later into Middle East by providing customized solutions with best in class technology, partnering with worldwide agents network and developing proactive in-house leaders


To create integrated supply chain for client by providing high quality and cost effective 3PL services with visibility on all transactions there by enhancing productivity in terms of Quality, Performance & Profitability.

To shore up the oil and gas and military logistics boom in Iraq, Priority One Logistics & Services has already geared up by setting huge warehousing facilities at major locations in Iraq with experienced operational staff, fleet of vehicles and state-of-the-art equipment.

Kuwait is considered as one of the best point of entry to all Iraq destination. The advantage is that Kuwait seaports are more equipped to receive and customs clear of all kinds of shipments, within 1 – 2 days which is much faster as compared to Umm Qasr port, Baghdad or Basra Airports in Iraq.

Since Priority One Logistics & Services has an office in Kuwait, we are equipped with all the technologies to handle shipments at Kuwait ports (Shuwaikh&Shuaiba) and land transport them to Iraq through Safwan which would prove to be more cost effective and save transit time.

We also have a coordination setup in Dubai, UAE for all shipment originating and transiting through UAE ports and Jebel Ali has been the major hub for all Oil and Gas and Military shipments.